Whistleblower Information

State law encourages state employees to report waste, fraud, abuse of authority, violation of law, or threat to public health. At the CSU, employees and applicants may file a complaint pursuant to Executive Order 1115 to report these kinds of improper government activities and have the matter investigated.

In accordance with the Executive Order 1115, Erin Taylor, Director of Labor and Employee Relations, is appointed as the campus appropriate administrator to receive protected whistleblowing disclosure.

If such an employee or applicant believes he/she was retaliated against for having reported an improper government activity, the employee or applicant may file a complaint under Executive Order 1116 to initiate an investigation of the alleged retaliation.

For assistance in utilizing the above mentioned procedures, please contact Erin Taylor at 664-2212.

The employee also has the option of reporting directly to the California Bureau of State Audits.

The Bureau of State Audits (BSA)

The Bureau of State Audits (BSA) investigates:

  • Illegal acts like theft, fraud, or conflicts of interest by state employees
  • Misuse or abuse of state property or time by state employees
  • Gross misconduct, incompetence, or inefficiency by state employee

The BSA can only follow up on state government improprieties. It does not investigate misconduct by federal or local governments or by private businesses or organizations.

Share What You Know

You have three ways to share information with the BSA:

The BSA cannot accept complaints via e-mail.

The BSA Follows Up

The BSA reviews all tips and investigates whenever possible. Although it has no enforcement power, it keeps the ball rolling by reporting investigations that substantiate improprieties to:

  • The head of the agency involved
  • The attorney general or other enforcement agencies, legislative committees, and any other authority with jurisdiction
  • The general public, keeping your identity confidential

You're Protected by State Law

The California Whistleblower Protection Act goes to bat for you.

  • It requires the BSA to protect your identity (except from law enforcement).
  • It helps guard against intimidation, threats, or coercion by state employees that could interfere with your right to disclose improper government activities.
  • It shields you from reprisal, retaliation, threats, or coercion for reporting such information.

If You Experience Retaliation, Speak Up!

According to the current policy of BSA, as a CSU employee or applicant, you must seek redress within the CSU system if you experienced retaliation. For additional information, please contact:

Equal Opportunity and Whistleblower Compliance Unit
Systemwide Human Resources
CSU Chancellor's Office
Tel: (562) 951-4425