Andres Chavez

Applause Award

April, 2020
Workstation Security & Services

Nominated by
Amal Munayer

While we are all frantically transitioning to operating remotely from home during this unprecedented shelter in place order, Andres has been nothing short of attentive, organized and diligent in his commitment to make our jobs easier and this transition as smooth as technically possible to manage. Any moment that I've attempted to troubleshoot my issues and fail miserably, he offers remote support the same day moving with urgency knowing that I have students waiting to be served. Andres cares about the SSU community our IT needs, he connects his job to serving our students and follows up SAME DAY to make sure all concerns are resolved. Andres is one of the most professional and timely employees I have interacted with on this campus. Andres, please accept this as our gratitude for all your hard work and for dealing with all our questions. Thank YOU!