Disabled Employee Program

Disabled Employee Program for Faculty, Staff and Applicants

Sonoma State University's Disabled Employee Program provides services to all current and new employees who inform the program that they have a permanent or temporary disabling condition that affects their work. Employees requesting services through the program will be subject to qualification standards as defined by federal and state laws relevant to disability.

The campus supports the program by providing job site analyses and recommending job modifications. The program also provides services, as requested, to all disabled applicants for positions at Sonoma State University.

The Disabled Employee Program engages in an interactive process with the employee to provide reasonable and effective accommodations. This may include identifying equipment or services that meet the needs of the individual. Calls will be kept confidential.

If you are a faculty or staff member interested in obtaining services or information, please contact the ADA Specialist. Faculty may also contact Sally Russo, Director of Faculty Personnel in the Faculty Affairs office.